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iMUSE participant using a microphone

iMUSE for people with complex needs

iMUSE provides a relaxing and creative space where participants can connect with the world around them, make their own choices and develop non-verbal ways of communicating.

We've been developing our iMUSE programme for young people and adults with complex needs for several years, with incredible results.

What benefits can iMUSE bring about?

  • iMUSE can help participants who are agitated and anxious become relaxed and calm.
  • iMUSE can help participants become engaged and alert, more aware of themselves and others.
  • Creating music or visuals can help participants to express themselves and develop non-verbal ways of communicating.
  • Participants learn that they can control the iMuse space by making and expressing their own choices. This can lead to them becoming more reflective, more communicative and, often, more playful.
  • iMUSE can help participants become more prepared and focused for other activities.
  • iMUSE supports an Intensive Interaction Environment, helping support workers to develop a deeper understanding of the person they’re supporting and build a closer relationship.
  • A switch controller gives the participant further control and choice, enabling them to create and control an accessible jukebox, instrument sounds and the projected visuals.
  • Taking part in regular iMUSE sessions can help these benefits to build over time.
He just loves it! He realises he can change things - that he can make an impact Sabine, support worker
C, who is sensory sight impaired with autism, can get very confused and is normally very vocal, however today in iMUSE he was quiet and calm - he even said some words! The session calmed him for the rest of the afternoonMark, support worker

Session Information

When: 30-minute sessions can be booked on Wednesdays from 10am - 3pm and Fridays from 10am - 12pm

Where: Burton Stone Community Centre

Cost: £5

We can also offer iMUSE taster days and follow-up sessions in community and health settings. Some subsidies are available.

Contact us to book a place or to find out more.