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iMUSE for mental wellbeing

iMUSE provides a space where you can relax, forget the outside world and feel free from anxiety and stress.

What benefits can iMUSE bring about?

  • Through relaxation and mindfulness, iMUSE can help you control your mood and make sense of changes in your behaviour.
  • iMUSE can complement traditional talking therapies as a self-care tool by helping you to focus and be in control of your thoughts and anxiety levels so that you’re in a better frame of mind before going into a therapy session.
  • Creating music or visuals can help you express your feelings without words. As you learn to control the iMUSE space, you become more confident and more creative.
  • Taking part in regular iMUSE sessions can help these benefits to build over time.
iMUSE is the only place where I’ve experienced real mindfulness and where I can really engage in self-care activity in the way all the self-help books and professionals describe. The multi-sensory element of iMUSE offers a positive distraction from the constant worry script and critical voice inside my head, allowing me to connect on a level outside my thoughts Kirsty, mental health service user

Session Information

When: 30-minute sessions can be booked on Wednesdays from 10am - 3pm and Fridays from 10am - 12pm

Where: Burton Stone Community Centre

Cost: £5

We can also offer iMUSE taster days and follow-up sessions in community and health settings. Some subsidies are available.

Contact us to book a place or to find out more.