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Hands & Voices Performance

We're Accessible Arts & Media. We use imagination, ingenuity and more than 30 years’ experience to create fun, engaging arts and media programmes. We design our programmes to meet the needs and aspirations of the people we work with.

We’re experts in creating a supportive, fun environment that inspires and motivates people to explore the world around them.  And we help people to learn and to express themselves through creativity.

We run a range of creative projects where everyone plays an equal part and everyone gets their chance to shine.

We work with a wide range of fantastic people to deliver our projects. Our projects involve young people and people with disabilities and sensory impairments. We also work with older people in residential care, people with mental health problems and other groups in our local community.

Simply AAM makes people happy and I don't know what York would do without it. National Diversity Awards Nominator

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