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Linking the abilities of disabled people



AbleWeb York participant working on a computer.What is AbleWeb York? 

AbleWeb York is our flagship inclusive training platform. It uses multimedia to connect and empower people in our local community. AbleWeb York works with disabled adults, older people and people with mental health issues. We also work with different groups and organisations in the local area.

When you join the AbleWeb team we’ll work with you to help you get the IT and media skills you need. You then get to share your skills with the local community through our website, our Digital Inclusion workshops, and our community media services. Click here to see some of the community work we’ve done.

As part of AbleWeb York you help the local community to access information through our pioneering website The AbleWeb team members create, design and manage the site. It shares information, positive activities, services and events with the local community in an accessible online format. It's also a forum where you, as a member, can express yourself.

Who is it for? 

AbleWeb York participants filming.

AbleWeb York is for you if you:

• are over the age of 18 and have a disability or additional needs;

• have an interest in multimedia;

• would like to gain real work-related skills and experiences.

You don’t have to have any previous multimedia knowledge or training. Everyone is included, regardless of ability, communication needs or physical disabilities.

Some people come to AbleWeb York sessions independently and others come with a carer or support worker. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual support needs.

What happens at AbleWeb York?

AbleWeb York a training programme where you get to take part in different activities each week. You’ll learn new skills and techniques as you discover the areas of the programme that you enjoy and the things that you're really good at. You’ll get to work with professional video and web design artists and they’ll help you to develop your own skills and creativity.

AbleWeb York gives you the chance to:

• Learn invaluable new work-related skills;

• Express and share your creativity through media;

• Develop your communication skills;

• Find your voice and communicate with others;

• Develop your confidence;

• Meet and talk to a diverse range of people;

• Make a difference in your community;

• Develop leadership skills by training to become an AbleWeb York Apprentice as part of our Apprentice Training Programme;

• Have a say in the work you do through the AbleWeb York Committee;

• Feel safe and supported and, importantly, to have fun! 

Find out what our members think of AbleWeb York and hear them talk about the skills they’ve developed through being part of the team here.


Session Information

When: Mondays during term time, from 10am – 2pm

Where: Burton Stone Community Centre Cost: £5 per week (subsidised places available).

Contact Us to find out more or to join the project and discuss your individual support needs.