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participants in a in a sensory movement workshop

Sensory Movement

Sensory Movement offers playful group activities and person-centred learning experiences through movement and sensation. The focus of the sessions are to enable each participant to experience a wide range of enjoyable sensations through the whole body, to develop physical confidence and core mobility, and to experience enjoyable social and emotional exchanges through moving and dancing with others in a group.

Through fun games and exercises, participants are facilitated to take the lead, interact with others - through physical contact and eye contact - explore movement qualities and rhythms with music, create simple movement sequences and experience relaxation.

Sensory Movement member in a chinese dragon costume.

Sensory props such as ribbons, blankets, mats, lycra sheets, balls, hoops and feathers are offered to challenge participants to extend their ranges of movement and discover new ways in which to move, and also provide positive sensations and comfort.


Session Information

When: Tuesday 10:30am - 12pm

Where: Burton Stone Community Centre

Cost: £5

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