iMUSE - iMUSE for Mental Wellbeing

Project details

  • Location: New Earswick Folk Hall, New Earswick, Hawthorne Te
  • Time: Wednesdays between 10am - 5pm
  • Cost: Please contact us to find out more

iMUSE is a 1-to-1 therapeutic multi-sensory experience. It provides a space where you can relax, forget the outside world and feel anxiety and stress reduce. iMUSE uses interactive technology to help you:

  • Relaxa vibrating mattress gently massages the body. Combined with deep breathing and other relaxation techniques, this calms and focuses the mind, relaxes muscle tone and reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Make music you don’t have to have any previous musical experience to compose your own music with iMUSE. Motion sensors detect your movements and turn them into sounds that can relax and lift mood. Or you can just listen to some of your favourite music.

  • Create visuals a microphone picks up sounds and iMUSE transforms them into calming visuals and projects them into the iMUSE space.

Each 1-to-1 session lasts for 30 minutes. Our facilitator works with you to find out which sounds, music and visuals help you to relax and focus. They then use these to personalise your iMUSE experience so it’s tailor-made for you.

Who benefits from iMUSE?

  • Anyone who responds to and enjoys music and sound.

  • Anyone looking for a creative, interactive or therapeutic activity that enhances wellbeing.

  • People who experience anxiety, stress, discomfort and pain.

What benefits can iMUSE bring about?

  • iMUSE can help you relax and become more focussed if you're feeling anxious or agitated.

  • Through relaxation and mindfulness, iMUSE can help you control your mood and make sense of changes in your behaviour.

  • iMUSE can complement traditional talking therapies as a self-care tool, by helping you to focus and be in control of your thoughts and anxiety levels so that you’re in a better frame of mind.

  • Creating music or visuals can help you express your feelings without words. As you learn to control the iMUSE space, you become more confident and more creative.


 To find out more you can email us at or call us on 01904 626965 for a chat.