Life Stories

Through Life Stories you can explore creative ways of communicating your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Finding a way of expressing what you’re going through and sharing that with others can be hugely therapeutic. This could involve putting together aural memories with photographs and archive footage, documenting the life of a loved one. Or it could involve using visuals or music to help express your feelings and emotions. We offer a range of art forms, with activities tailored to suit you.

Taking part in Life Stories can help you:

  • better articulate what’s going on in your life right now
  • explore creative ways of communicating your experiences, thoughts and feelings
  • share your story with family and friends, and with other people going through a similar experience
  • develop new or existing creative skills

What happens in a typical Life Stories session?

You’ll have an initial meeting with our project coordinator, along with the person who’s referred you to the project. At that meeting, you’ll get to chat about what’s going in your life and how you might like to share that creatively. You’ll then be paired with one of our Artists who’ll help you work on your creative piece. You might be someone who’s already passionate about drawing or film-making or you might have had no previous creative experience at all. Whatever your abilities, we’ll support your goal in a way that works for you. After the initial meeting, you’ll then work with your facilitator to produce a creative piece to share your story.

The project coordinator will also carry out weekly follow-ups, assessments and evaluations with you.

Alongside our creative sessions, we also offer optional therapeutic iMUSE sessions. iMUSE can help you feel more relaxed and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. This can enhance communication and help you to enjoy being creative. iMUSE can also be used as a creative tool to express your story. You can find out more about iMUSE here.

What are the benefits of Life Stories?

  • The sessions provide a regular activity outside your home (if you’re housebound, we’re able to come and work with you at home); 
  • It provides a chance to chat with someone else about what’s going on for you;
  • Being creative can help you express things that are difficult to put into words;
  • Taking part in creative activities can make you feel more relaxed and happier.

To find out more you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01904 626965 for a chat.