Resources Level 2

We’ve been delivering singing and signing activities for over 20 years now. In that time we’ve done a lot of learning and developed real expertise. We’ve built up a huge bank of resources that we want to share with other groups, organisations and practitioners and you can find some of our favourites here.

More information on our resource packs

Each resource pack includes sheet music, a sign sheet, signing guidance notes, an instrumental backing track and one or more vocal tracks. They also include tips and ideas for adapting the songs for different groups. They've been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with singing and signing.

All songs have been categorised, with different levels for both singing and signing. This is so that groups can progress through the different levels as they become more confident. This is the key that you will find used in the learning guide that accompanies each signed song.


  • Level 1: melody falls within a limited range, lies easily in the voice and mostly step-wise movement of pitches.
  • Level 2: melody over a wider range, with more leaps of intervals, but still reasonably comfortable to sing.
  • Level 3: more challenging intervals and pitching, some chromaticism, faster words and pitch changes.


  • Level 1: a few signs, lots of repetition and a definite entry level for signing.
  • Level 2: a greater range of signs, not too difficult to sign and at a reasonable speed of signing.
  • Level 3: a wider range of signs, can contain more difficult signs and faster speed of signing.

Singing and signing training videos

We use Signalong as our signing partner and these four films explain the Signalong approach.

We created the films for the NYMAZ SEND Music Network, supported by the National Foundation for Youth Music.

There are four main elements to producing a correct sign: handshape, orientation, placement and movement. The four training films below explain these elements, giving examples that you can practise at home.

Film One is about placement, or where the hands should be placed, and handshapes:


Film Two is all about orientation, or how the hands should be placed:

Film Three is about the movement aspect of making a sign:

Film Four is about how to use the written sign descriptions that you'll find on the sign sheet in each resource pack:


  • Autumn Song

    This slower song is good for developing melody singing and phrasing, and a sense of stillness in live performance.

    More about Autumn Song

  • Christmas

    This song was written by our Hands and Voices choir. It has a two-part chorus that's a bit more challenging due to the interval jumps, but it makes a nice sound when you persevere!

    More about Christmas

  • Come Come To Me

    This beautiful and moving round was written by Hands & Voices in the style of a ‘siren’ song for their Elizabethan pantomime, Ruff Doublet and the Queen.

    More about Come Come To Me

  • Dance

    An upbeat, exciting dance floor number written by young people from the York IMPs group.

    More about Dance

  • Favourite Things

    An upbeat yet reflective song, written by young people from the York IMPs group about the things they like to do in their lives.

    More about Favourite Things

  • I'm In (Version 1)

    This song was written by the East Riding IMPs group for the I'm Inclusive conference, about what makes them feel inclusive or included.

    More about I'm In (Version 1)

  • I's The B'y

    This is a traditional fishing song/ folk song from Newfoundland. It's a fun song with a simple catchy tune and lots of movement.

    More about I's The B'y

  • Into The Ark

    This lovely song was written by Hands & Voices, about the animals going into the ark. The chorus has a catchy tune and the verse is quite simple but the signs will need careful practice.

    More about Into The Ark

  • Irish Toast

    These words are a traditional Irish blessing, put to music by folk band Kerfuffle. The melody is quite complex, though memorable, and the signs are quite simple and easy to learn.

    More about Irish Toast

  • Junkanoo

    Junkanoo is a festival that takes place in in winter in the Bahamas. Both the melody and the signs are quite easy to learn and the calypso beat makes it an uplifting song that always goes down well with audiences.

    More about Junkanoo

  • Oh Happy Day

    This is a classic gospel song and a good song for introducing singing and signing in two parts.

    More about Oh Happy Day

  • Ragnarock

    Ragnarock is a rock and roll number written by our Hands & Voices choir as the final song for their Viking Pantomime in 2006. 

    More about Ragnarock

  • Selby Town

    This is an upbeat, easy-to-learn song written by people from Selby as part of the Wish You Were Here Project.

    More about Selby Town

  • Signalong Anthem

    Young people in our IMPs group wrote this song for the communication charity Signalong. It has a catchy melody and lyrics about why signing is an important method of communication.

    More about Signalong Anthem

  • Singing Superstars

    A fun song that started as a game of musical consequences between our two IMPs groups. Maybe you could write your own verse?

    More about Singing Superstars

  • Sleeping Beauty

    A music-hall style number written by Hands & Voices for their first ever pantomime in 1999, Sleeping Beauty.

    More about Sleeping Beauty

  • Summer is Icumen In

    Summer is Icumen In is one of the oldest surviving songs, written around 1260.  We've arranged it for two or three parts and it works well when there's a wide range of abilities in the group.

    More about Summer is Icumen In

  • The Holly And The Ivy

    A setting of the famous Christmas carol with a lively traditional West Country folk tune that's great fun to sing. The signs are also a lot of fun and the repeating verse-chorus structure makes it easy to learn.

    More about The Holly And The Ivy

  • The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy

    The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy is an energetic, traditional calypso carol that's thought to originate from Trinidad in the West Indies. It's a fun and unusual addition to your Christmas repertoire.

    More about The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy

  • Wade In The Water

    This song is actually two spirituals in one – ‘Wade in the Water’ and ‘Motherless child’. It provides an unusual, yet effective way of creating simple, easy-to-learn harmonies.

    More about Wade In The Water

  • White Yorkshire Rose

    White Yorkshire Rose is a simple and moving song written by our Hands and Voices choir, inspired by the Tour de France. Whilst the melody is simple, the signs in the verse are more challenging.

    More about White Yorkshire Rose