Resources Level 3

We’ve been delivering singing and signing activities for over 20 years now. In that time we’ve done a lot of learning and developed real expertise. We’ve built up a huge bank of resources that we want to share with other groups, organisations and practitioners and you can find some of our favourites here.

More information on our resource packs

Each resource pack includes sheet music, a sign sheet, signing guidance notes, an instrumental backing track and one or more vocal tracks. They also include tips and ideas for adapting the songs for different groups. They've been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with singing and signing.

All songs have been categorised, with different levels for both singing and signing. This is so that groups can progress through the different levels as they become more confident. This is the key that you will find used in the learning guide that accompanies each signed song.


  • Level 1: melody falls within a limited range, lies easily in the voice and mostly step-wise movement of pitches.
  • Level 2: melody over a wider range, with more leaps of intervals, but still reasonably comfortable to sing.
  • Level 3: more challenging intervals and pitching, some chromaticism, faster words and pitch changes.


  • Level 1: a few signs, lots of repetition and a definite entry level for signing.
  • Level 2: a greater range of signs, not too difficult to sign and at a reasonable speed of signing.
  • Level 3: a wider range of signs, can contain more difficult signs and faster speed of signing.

Singing and signing training videos

We use Signalong as our signing partner and these four films explain the Signalong approach.

We created the films for the NYMAZ SEND Music Network, supported by the National Foundation for Youth Music.

There are four main elements to producing a correct sign: handshape, orientation, placement and movement. The four training films below explain these elements, giving examples that you can practise at home.

Film One is about placement, or where the hands should be placed, and handshapes:


Film Two is all about orientation, or how the hands should be placed:

Film Three is about the movement aspect of making a sign:

Film Four is about how to use the written sign descriptions that you'll find on the sign sheet in each resource pack:

  • Everybody In The Town

    A fun song written by members of our Hands & Voices Choir to add to the collection of songs we've devised specially for practicing our signing hand shapes.

    More about Everybody In The Town

  • I'm In - Version 2

    An upbeat, cheerful number written by members of our York IMPs group. It has a simple two-word chorus and a straightforward melody.

    More about I'm In - Version 2