We want to see an inclusive society, where everyone has the chance to shine. We're helping to make that happen in York.

We’re a registered charity based in Chapelfields, York. We've been running arts and creative media learning projects in and around the city since 1982.

The people who take part in our projects include disabled young people and adults, older people living with dementia and memory loss and people with mental ill-health. We support their wellbeing by helping them develop the confidence and skills to connect with their local community and have more of a say in the things that matter to them.

And everyone has a lot of fun along the way!

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Our projects

Our fun projects include singing and signing choirs, accessible music-making groups and specialist creative sensory activities.

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Last year we…

  • Engaged 347 people in creative learning and wellbeing activities
  • Worked with 58 partners across the education, cultural, voluntary, health, social care and business sectors.
  • Delivered 422 creative learning and wellbeing sessions
  • Created 1,082 hours of paid employment for freelance artists
  • Were supported by 48 fabulous volunteers

We need your support

You can change lives. As a small charity, we have to raise over £200,000 each year to deliver our projects and every donation makes a huge difference.

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Our resources

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Bonfire Night

This creative sensory activity explores the sights and textures of Bonfire Night and makes Bonfire Night accessible and exciting for more people.

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