Online Session Updates

Many of our participants, supporters and families have lost a large number of their activities and sessions over the last week, and starting next week our younger participants will also no longer be attending school. We know this is going to have a huge impact on people's social interactions and access to creative music, sensory and arts activities. 

Right now we're working with our staff and other organisations to begin providing access to our activities and resources online. We're aiming to offer a range of sensory and music activities that are easy to access and don't require any specialist resources to take part in.

As social isolation will have an impact on all of us, we're making our online activities open to anyone to use, whether you come to our sessions or not. 

We're also working on setting up more individual online sessions and resources for current members of our projects to access from home. Our aim is to start delivering a few trial sessions as soon as possible and then build the number of sessions and resources as we go from there.  

If you'd like to keep up to date with our plans, including receiving email updates about what sessions are running and when, please sign up using our online form