We Are AAM - Julie

We've loved having Julie join the AAM team and we thought it was about time we introduced her to you all! It's also a great excuse for us to find out Julie's random fact, one of our favourite parts of our We Are AAM questions. 

How long have you worked for AAM and what do you do?

I've worked at AAM since September 2017 so I've been here for nearly 5 months. I'm the iMUSE development coordinator which means coordinating all the projects we do with iMUSE (interactive multi-sensory environment). We have two mornings each week where we run regular in-house iMUSE sessions. I'm currently working on a new session where we're running iMUSE for 12 weeks at The Hut in York to help people with mental wellbeing. We're also planning another new project working with older people with dementia / memory problems to see how iMUSE can support their wellbeing.

What do you enjoy most about working for AAM?

I've found the staff to be an extremely friendly, welcoming and open group of people who love working with all the people who attend the sessions. It's a great atmosphere where everyone has a positive outlook which we hope to pass on to the amazing participants we work with. 

What did you do before working here?

I've taught music and French in special schools over the last 20 years and I also work on developing /project managing language publications for schools. 

Tell us one random fact about yourself!

Last year I walked 1, 624 miles! I am a Fitbit fanatic. Over the last three years I have taken up walking in my spare time and have done several long distance walks with my husband. A great therapeutic hobby which I can strongly recommend!