iMUSE - iMUSE for Young People

Project details

  • Location: Sessions in education & community settings
  • Time:
  • Cost: Please contact us for more details.

iMUSE is a 1-to-1 therapeutic multi-sensory experience. It provides a relaxing and creative space where young people can make their own choices and develop non-verbal ways of communicating.

iMUSE uses interactive technology to enable young people to:

  • Relax –  a vibrating mattress gently massages the body. This calms and focuses the mind, relaxes muscle tone and reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Make Music – motion sensors detect movements and turn them into sounds.
  • Create visuals – a microphone picks up sounds that iMUSE transforms into beautiful visuals and projects into the iMUSE space.
  • Use switch technology - a switch enables the choice of colour and pattern of the projected visuals.

Each session lasts for 30 minutes. A facilitator finds out which sounds, music and visuals help each young person to relax and focus. They then use these to personalise their iMUSE experience so it’s tailor-made for them. 

Who benefits from iMUSE?

  • Young people who respond to and enjoy music and/or singing.
  • Young people who need 1-to-1 time to support them to engage with others and the world around them.
  • Young people with a range of learning, physical and cognitive disabilities, including those who experience anxiety and communication difficulties. 

What benefits can iMUSE bring about?

  • iMUSE can help young people who are agitated and anxious become relaxed and calm.

  • Creating music or visuals can help young people to express themselves and develop non-verbal ways of communicating.

  • Young people learn that they can control the iMUSE space by making and expressing their own choices.

  • iMUSE can help young people become more prepared and focused for other activities.

To find out more you can email us at or call us on 01904 626965 for a chat.